Who Am I?

Hi, I’m JC Holmes and I’m writing this bio in first person. We all know you’re writing your own bios, people, I’m just owning up to it. I am the president of EverFin and I’m passionate about solving problems in the world of finance and tech. My team and I create data management and communication systems for the financial services industry. I grew up on a farm outside Alton, Missouri, county seat of Oregon County, down in the hills of the Ozarks.

I left the farm and headed off to Mizzou. College is where I started and ran my first business called Vintage Prime where I bought and sold designer handbags. After school I went to work as a loan officer for a mortgage startup that looked like it was doing some cool things online. That startup, no thanks to me, is now the number one VA lender in the US. I spent much of my time researching the complexity of the mortgage markets, what drove the industry, what influenced rates, and started to understand the fundamentals of moving money around at-scale.

After leaving the mortgage industry and spending a few years in the world of freelance entrepreneurship, I made a leap back into finance through a marketing group. After an amazing learning experience and a huge amount of research and data collection I made my first steps to combine my passions of finance and entrepreneurship with what has now become the company known as EverFin. From here I will keep pushing myself toward better answers in both finance and tech until we are out of problems to solve.



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