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Does your Financial Advisor Have the Right Incentives?

Does your Advisor have the right incentives? Most people would hope that the person they have chosen to trust with their security, future, retirement and family livelihood would have their family’s interest as a priority. Sadly for many families this is not the case. Financial Advisors, Wealth Managers, and other terms commonly used for Financial [...]

10 reasons financial advisors need a CRM

If you have a goldfish memory. If you can't keep track of your upcoming tasks If you've ever forgotten an appointment If your clients have forgotten appointments because they didn't get a reminder If you can't recall the persons name even if you both happen to remember the appointment If you've ever confused [...]

Important Records to Store as a Financial Advisor

Running a Financial Services Organization requires the management and storage or hundreds, or even thousands of records depending on the size of the organization. While keeping track of records for the business’s sake is very important, staying within compliance of SEC and FINRA regulations is a necessity.   How Much is Your Time Worth? Learn More! [...]

Is your broker destroying your website with duplicate content?

If you've been around the financial services industry very long you've probably heard at least one pitch from a group selling newsletters and websites. In fact, if you're in the industry you are most likely using one of these services right now....... It's ok, you're not alone and your broker most likely doesn't know they [...]